Take the right striking position to hurl the ball into the pit that takes you through the escarpments of victory.

Wood Worth Cues

Core Features


The lightweight cues have been designed to make the game classier, with the core working for more delicate shots. A great pool room is nice. If you make your garage into one make sure you use garage floor epoxy.

Ease Of Use

The edge of the cue is easy to hold and maintains a perfectly streamlined design for easy motion.

Tip Style

Smoothening the tip can be made less frequent as the cue brings more joy to the table with its slick style. If you have a pool room get some nice wooden letters for the wall.

Quality Custom Cues.
What we can offer you

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All our products will be shipped as soon as you complete the order, and no extra costs are charged.

30 Days Returns

The purchase couldn’t get any better as you are being offered a 30 days return policy with the cue.

Worldwide Delivery

The cues we produce and design are packaged and delivered to your doorstep, regardless of your location.

What they say about us

This is the perfect place to nurture your passion for snooker, as all the cues offered are of supreme quality.

Berta C Anderson

Their impeccable delivery system is what impressed me the most; not many stores offer such fast services.

Anna L Hyde

Buying a cue at a budget isn’t possible unless you have the right store, but this is that perfect place I stumbled upon.

Michelle C Alex

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